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Revitalizing Shower Water Filter 15- Stages Chrome (SF100)

Revitalizing Shower Water Filter 15- Stages Chrome (SF100)

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    •  Better Health: Your showers might be hiding an unpleasant secret. Tap water contains impurities like lead, mercury, and organic matter which your skin absorbs during shower. Get rid of these contaminants with the QIFE water filter, and feel a miraculous change in your life.



    • Radiant Skin: Say goodbye to itchiness, tired dry skin, and breakouts caused by dirty tap water. Our inline shower filter contains a powerful filtration system to ward off all the skin-damaging particles including dust, chlorine, THMs, etc. STAY CLEANER, LOOK YOUNGER!



    •  Gorgeous Hair: Our KDF55 shower head filter revitalizes your hair by removing the culprits in water. This chlorine filter efficiently cleans and softens the water. With dandruff, itchy and flaky scalp, and hair fall out of the picture, the hair feels softer and shinier.



    • Multi-Stage Filtration: This powerful water filter for shower comprises high-filtration layers of calcium sulphite, maifan stone, KDF-55, and activated carbon, etc. The shower softener system keeps dirt, sediments, rust, free-chlorine, soluble metals, THMs, and odours from reaching you.



    • Quick and Efficient: QIFE inline shower head purifier filter comes with every essential to be up and running within minutes. The added Teflon tape and 2 washers stop any leakages. The filters do not affect normal water pressure and connect easily to Australian standard 1/2-inch pipe.




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