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15PCS Winch Accessory and Recovery Kit

15PCS Winch Accessory and Recovery Kit

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15PCS Winch Accessory and Recovery Kit: Kinetic Recovery Rope + Snatch strap + 2PCS Recovery Tracks + 2x Soft Shackle + Winch Dampener + 5x Stickers + Heavy Duty Gloves

Introducing the X-BULL Ultimate Recovery Kit – Your Key to Unrivalled Traction and Power!

Introducing the X-BULL Ultimate Recovery Kit – your key to unparalleled traction and power! Our kit features a sturdy 7/8" x 30 ft towing rope, two Spectra fibre soft shackles (3/8" x 22", 34000 lbs), a 3" x 8 ft trailer strap (30000 lbs), heavy-duty gloves, and a compact storage bag, complete with cool stickers. Elevate your off-road experience with X-BULL's durable nylon recovery rope, coated for UV, water, and abrasion resistance, ensuring extended life.

Unlock the power of off-road freedom with our premium 4WD Recovery Tracks! Engineered for unparalleled traction, these tracks are your ticket to conquering challenging terrains with ease. Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, our recovery tracks provide a reliable solution for getting your vehicle unstuck from mud, sand, or snow.

The 7/8" x 30 ft power recovery rope boasts a remarkable 34000 lbs breaking strength, ideal for challenging terrains. SPECTRA fibre soft shackles redefine strength with a breaking capacity of 34000 lbs, featuring protective sleeves for wear resistance and enhanced knot stability.

Versatile for all vehicles, the X-BULL Recovery Kit effortlessly handles challenging towing points without scratches or damage. The spacious carrying bag accommodates the entire kit, ensuring convenience on every adventure.

Choose X-BULL for kinetic energy recovery, stretching about 35% during towing, absorbing elastic potential energy for effective extraction. Experience efficient shock absorption, allowing smaller vehicles to recover larger ones effortlessly. We offer top-notch products at an affordable price, prioritizing your satisfaction. With X-BULL, you have a reliable mate on every adventure.

In the box
1. Kinetic Recovery Rope

2. Snatch strap

3. Soft Shackle*2

4. Winch Dampener

5. Stickers*5

6. Heavy Duty Gloves

7. 2PCS recovery tracks


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